The VIII Encounter of Secretaries of Government and Participation ended successfully

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Cartagena (Bolívar)
01 Jun 2018

The academic day that met for the eighth time the Secretaries of Government and Participation was held in the capital of Bolívar ended successfully.

The closing of the event was in charge of the governor, Dumek Turbay and the Minister of the Interior Guillermo Rivera Flórez, who praised the commitment of the territorial entities to strengthen participation and contribute to the consolidation of peace.

“This Government promoted 8 Statutory Laws, which develop fundamental rights, including Law 1757 or Law of Participation in which we diminished the demands thinking that the citizenship had less demands to make use of the Participation mechanisms", the chief said of the political portfolio.

In turn, in the panel "Territory Nation Strategy", the Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights, Eduardo Garzón Torres, presented the paper 'Electoral Participation and Citizen Denunciations', extolling the strengthening of Participation in the territories as an achievement of peace, pointing out that, "12 years ago, in 2006, we went from 250 municipalities with violent acts to zero in the elections for this year's Congress and Presidency."

In that same panel, the vice minister for Political Relations, Hector Olimpo Espinosa, presented the strategy 'Security on the Net' and raised to the secretaries the importance of contributing "not so that there are no more captures, but fewer criminal events in their territory" and added that this initiative seeks to "build teams that arm a community network to prevent early."

By his part, the director for Democracy, Citizen Participation and Community Action, José David Riveros Namen, through the presentation "Socialization of the Youth Statute and Territorial Councils", praised the contribution of young people as "very important changeable entity", given that," in 2014 only 10% of its participation in elections was reported and in 2018 we reached up to 40% of the participation in the tables of young people ", emphasized the official.

The Secretaries of Government and Participation highlighted the work of the Directorate for Democracy, Citizen Participation and Community Action, following its articulation with UN Women, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) ), the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace (OACP) and the National Planning Department in order to strengthen the academic agenda.

In the event, the Director of Human Rights, Ivonne González, the Coordinator of the Internal Articulation Group for the Policy of Victims of Armed Conflict, Hugo Guerra and the Chief of Staff, Diana Mendieta, also intervened, who exchanged experiences with the secretaries around to the specific issues that they lead from their offices in the Ministry of the Interior.

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