Vice Minister Eduardo Garzón Torres set up a Working Table to build a protocol for attending social protest

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Bogotá D.C.
17 Jul 2018

With the objective of building the Protocol for the attention of the mobilization and the peaceful protest, the Vice Minister for the Participation and Equality of Rights, Eduardo Garzón Torres, met with representatives of social organizations in the development of the Working Table installed on Monday in Bogota.

The exercise seeks to adopt pertinent measures by the administrative and police authorities aimed at respecting and guaranteeing the protest as an expression of the rights of peaceful and public gathering and demonstration.

Deputy Minister Garzon Torres said that this working day allows not only to move forward on a topic agreed with citizens, but to develop an instrument that encourages and guarantees respect for the rights of citizens to protest and demonstrate in a peaceful manner.

Representatives of: the Human Rights platforms that are part of the National Guarantees Roundtable; the Peasant, Ethnic and Popular Agrarian Summit; the Analog Commission, the National Participation Council; Forum for Colombia; Long live the Citizenship; the Center for Popular Research and Education (CINEP); the mining-energy sector; the Partido Fuerza Revolucionaria Alternativo del Común (FARC) and officials of the National Government, among them, the director of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior, Ivonne González.

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