Through the URIEL have received about 500 complaints for electoral crimes

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David Oliveros
Bogotá D.C.
09 Mar 2018


  • The Minister of the Interior Guillermo Rivera announced that the complaints that were reported to the Immediate Reception Unit for Electoral Transparency (URIEL) are already in the hands of the authorities and he asked the Colombians to continue reporting irregularities during the legislative elections.

The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, announced that, to date, through the Unit for Immediate Reception for Electoral Transparency (URIEL), about 500 complaints and / or complaints have been received, related to the electoral process: "Of these denunciations we have already transferred to the competent authority to initiate the investigations, and surely between today and Sunday they will increase”.

Of these alleged irregularities, the most frequent are: Intervention in politics of public servants; Constraint to the voter and Corruption of voter, Bogotá, Antioquia and Nariño, present the highest number of complaints.

The Government Minister stressed that after the signing of the peace agreement, it is expected that Colombians will participate more in the ballot box and the presence of the Public Force will be guaranteed at the polling stations throughout the national territory.

"Not a single polling station will be moved, nor a single polling station, which will guarantee the right to choose, especially for Colombians living in the most remote areas. What happened previously, when many voting tables had to be moved from rural areas to municipal seats, has already gone down in history”.

The Chief of the Political Portfolio, recalled that the Ministry of the Interior will inspect the development of the parliamentary elections next Sunday. "A unified command post will be installed, from which we will be monitoring the entire national territory, together with the National Police, the military forces and the electoral authority.

Citizens can continue to report irregularities by entering the website http://uriel.mininterior.gov.co/; write to the email address denunciasuriel@mininterior.gov.co, call 24 hours a day to the national free 018000912005 or send your complaints through the twitter account @ UrielColombia.

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