“Thanks to peace these democratic days will go down in history”: Mininterior

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Bogotá D.C.
17 Jun 2018

This was stated by the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera Flórez, after praising that during the legislative and presidential elections there were no alterations of public order and it was not necessary to move polling stations in any region of the country.

At the end of the electoral day of the second presidential round, the Head of the Political Portfolio declared as a victory of peace, the complete normality in the public order of the country:

“Throughout the national territory the day passed in complete calm, this is one of the great dividends of peace for which President Juan Manuel Santos has tirelessly fought. And because of this new reality, we are relieved to start giving the new Government institutions that have given the country the possibility that its democratic debates can be given in peace and with full guarantees for all” he said.

Minister Rivera highlighted the historic participation of Colombians in the democratic contest: "Thanks to peace more people are participating in democracy, 53% of the people qualified to vote in the electoral census attended. These were the safest, most transparent elections with the largest participation in recent history”.

Finally, he congratulated the new president-elect for the Colombians: "We want to wish Iván Duque success, the new president-elect, and as President Juan Manuel Santos pointed out, the Government is willing to achieve an orderly transition and junction”.

At the close of the polls, the Immediate Reception Unit for Electoral Transparency, URIEL, received more than 500 complaints for presumed electoral crimes throughout the country.

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