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Technical Committee to fight against corruption agrees to freeze the salary of the congressmen

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Bogotá D.C.
10 Sep 2018

In the second Technical Table against corruption, led by the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, it was agreed that the maximum salary limit would be 25 minimum wages. "The freezing of salaries proposed by the ‘Centro Democratico’ party was agreed, with a ceiling of 25 minimum salaries for all high-level State officials, which will be frozen as of this reform," said Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez.

This means that, in the term of ten years, there will be "a savings of over 300 billion COPs," she added. The Chief of the Political Portfolio affirmed that they agreed to end "with all kinds of privileges that have to do with the deprivation of liberty for crimes against the public administration. All collaboration means that they have to return the money extracted due to corruption issues. "

The Technical Board, in agreement with Minister Gutiérrez, has made progress in the "five projects presented by the Government, the Prosecutor's Office and the two projects, whose text was presented today." Anticipated that, from tomorrow and throughout this week, the days of the Bureau will continue so that "on Friday 14 we have the texts to present them next Monday, September 17".

The second Technical Board, whose purpose is to prepare a consensual legislative package of reforms to combat corruption, was attended, among others, by the deputy prosecutor, María Paulina Riveros, spokespeople of the political parties and the committee promoting the Anticorruption Consultation.

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