“The service to the victims goes beyond the period of Government”: Mininterior

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Santander de Quilichao (Cauca)
22 Jun 2018

• Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera headed the National Table of Victims in Santander de Quilichao.

During the session of the National Table of Victims the Minister of Government reiterated the commitment with the victims that left the armed conflict: “I am convinced of its cause, for me it is a reason of life, in such a way that as a citizen I hope to continue supporting them in many battles that I know are still pending. And also the President of the Republic, who is in love with this cause, will be at the service of the Victims and we hope that in the coming years you will have much good news when the JEP begins to act and your rights are recognized”.

The meeting was attended by representatives of victims from all regions of the country, attended by President Juan Manuel Santos, who confirmed that comprehensive care is a policy of the Colombian State:

"The country must understand that the first commitment that the Colombian State has is with the victims, who must be fulfilled. It is the word committed and if there is a change of Government, the State remains committed and this agreement is protected by our constitution, the debt with our victims must continue to be paid and they must be at the center of this whole process” the president said.

 On the other hand, Minister Rivera recalled that the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) is a fundamental tool for the guarantee of truth, reparation and guarantee of non-repetition:

"Yesterday the Constitutional Court stated that no prior concept is required and that the law that sets the rules of the JEP procedure can be discussed and approved, for which we believe that there is no longer any argument, at least legal, to prevent the continuation of the discussion of this project and its approval” said the Minister.

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