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Bogotá D.C.
05 Jun 2020

The external circular of the Ministry of the Interior that gave free way for the different religious actors of Colombia to carry out a day of prayer and reflection in the framework of the International Day of the Family on May 15, obeyed a request from the National Table of the Sector Religious where the different confessions and faith communities are grouped and did not violate any constitutional principle. This is indicated in a ruling for the protection of the Forty Civil Court of the Bogotá Circuit.

The decision also indicates that, "evidently far from being ignorant of rights, it responds to one of their own calls in the face of the current crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, within the framework of Family Day."

The judicial office also establishes that the fundamental right of peace, is not affected, since this action "is not generating any controversy of a religious nature."

As Minister Alicia Arango Olmos had explained, “within its missionary structure, the Ministry, through the Directorate of Religious Affairs, complies with the promotion of public policies on religious freedom, dialogue and cooperation with the various churches and confessions of the country”.

Taking into account the Law by which the Right of Religious Freedom and Worship is developed, the Ministry of the Interior considered the collective request to invite the interfaith sector to dedicate a day of prayer and reflection in the framework of the pandemic by COVID-19. , attending to the request of various religious entities and as the entity that articulates them.

The head of the political portfolio reiterated that no church or religious denomination is official or state.

Author: Press Room


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