“The regulation of the JEP is in the hands of the Senate”: Mininterior

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Bogotá D.C.
20 Jun 2018
  • The Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Rivera, celebrated the approval in the Chamber of the initiative that creates the normative framework of the JEP, and requested the Senate to process the bill in the extra sessions.

The Minister of Government highlighted the approval of the bill that creates the regulation of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, in the plenary of the House of Representatives: "The Chamber demonstrated that it is a serious corporation, which understands that its responsibility to the country is to process a project that the JEP requires, to satisfy the rights of the victims.”

He also reiterated to the Senate of the Republic the need to process the initiative, and informed the National Government's willingness to convene extra sessions to Congress: "The Senate should follow the good example of the House of Representatives and they will have the opportunity to do so, in the framework of extraordinary sessions. The sub-commission that was incorporated in the proposal, does not have a definite date or limit and as the call will reiterate the message of urgency and insistence, this project will have to go in the first point of the agenda ".

Minister Rivera said that “Peace cannot go on vacation and this Government will work until the last moment for the implementation of the peace agreement”.

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