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National Government presented balance of actions in the Islands of San Andrés and Providencia to the Attorney General's Office

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San Andrés y Providencia
17 Dec 2020

A team from the National Government, led by the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, the Director of Social Prosperity, Susana Correa and the Director of the National Unit for Risk Management, Eduardo José González; presented to the Attorney General of the Nation, Fernando Carrillo, the balance of the actions carried out in San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, to mitigate the effects left by hurricanes Iota and Eta.

“For the National Government, the active and effective participation of the communities of the Archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia is fundamental, for that reason with local authorities, residents and raizales we have advanced, from the first moment, working groups that have allowed us to identify their needs ”, Assured Alicia Arango Olmos, Minister of the Interior.

The head of the interior portfolio explained how the Action Plan to mitigate the effects of Hurricane Eta was carried out, which included health care, housing, education, infrastructure, commerce and tourism, in 135 actions.

“During our visit to Providencia we reiterate to its residents our commitment to the construction of the Police Station, the Municipal Palace and the Fire Station. We will also send a tanker machine for emergencies soon”, reiterated the Minister of the Interior.

In turn, the Director of Social Prosperity, Susana Correa assured that “we have been working in concert with the entire community, but especially with the Raizal Council, the councilors, the mayor of Providencia and the governor of the Archipelago, to whom we have informed how many homes We are going to rebuild and replace, and how will public services have 100 percent coverage ”.

For his part, the Director of the National Risk Management Unit, Eduardo José González, explained how the care has been taken for the victims of Hurricane Iota, mainly on the island of Providencia.

“We inform the Attorney General how humanitarian aid and donations have been handled, how they have been delivered in the community, in the different sectors, always with the participation of the Providencia mayor's office and the Government, and the operating entities of our national system ”, concluded the Director of the National Risk Management Unit, Eduardo José González.

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