National Council of Citizen Participation will be held this Tuesday and Wednesday

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Bogotá D.C.
02 Apr 2018

In the city of Bogotá, the XIII ordinary session of the National Council of Citizen Participation will be held, a session in which a joint agenda will be defined in the topics of citizen participation, taking into account that the provisions of the Statutory Participation Law.

In order to set a joint work agenda and address various relevant issues for citizen participation, the XIII session of the National Citizen Participation Council (CNPC) will be held, which will be chaired by the Director for Democracy, Citizen Participation and the Communal Action of the Ministry of the Interior. 

In the first day, inputs and guidelines for the implementation of the National System of Citizen Participation will be analyzed, taking into account the road map that is defined with the sectors that have a seat in the CNPC.

The CNPC is a deliberative and permanent advisory body on issues of protection, promotion and guarantee of the right to participate in Colombia, created in Law 1757 of 2015, Statutory Law of Citizen Participation.

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