"The National Commission of Electoral Guarantees will be installed on February 7”: Mininterior

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Bogotá D.C.
22 Jan 2018
  • After the presentation by President Juan Manuel Santos of the "National Electoral Guarantee Plan", Minister Guillermo Rivera said that the Government will work to make these "the elections in which the greatest number of Colombians vote".

Minister Rivera highlighted the announcement, by President Santos, of the installation of the National Commission of Electoral Guarantees, on February 7, as well as “the development of a committee of guarantees in all departments, led by the national Government”.

He also referred to the Democracy Plan, launched by the Public Force and headed by the National Police, “with which the Government aspires that these, which will be the first elections after the overcoming of the armed conflict, are the elections in which a greater number of Colombians participate in the debate”.

He revealed that "the Unified Command Post, led by the MinICT, was formed with the National Police and the National Directorate of Intelligence to counteract cyber attacks against the National Registry system" and pointed out that "what the Government wants to promote is that, in this campaign, there is no disinformation".

Rivera affirmed that "all Colombians have the right to truthful information and for that reason we want to lead, the national government, with the media and civil society, a campaign to demand the right to accurate information and that these messages circulate by networks, which do not correspond to the truth, are rejected and denounced”. He also affirmed that there are intelligence reports in which there are indications of attacks on the technological platform of the Registry and for this reason this PMU was created.

According to the Minister, the Guarantees Law is valid for governors and mayors and, as of January 27, for the national Government. This law “prohibits contracting directly, making movements in the payroll and signing inter-administrative agreements”, among others.

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