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More than 1,900,000 trees planted through Communal Leaves

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Bogotá D.C.
19 Dec 2020

Hojitas Comunales is an initiative of the Ministry of the Interior to promote caring for the environment with the participation of Community Action Organizations.

"This year the initial goal was to plant 1,500,000 trees in the national territory, granting economic incentives in two ranges: one of 5 million pesos to those who plant between 1,000 and 3,000 plants and 10 million to those who exceed 3,000", said the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango, who also highlighted that “we surpassed the projection of 1,500,000 planted trees, since the sum of 1,939,478 was reforested in the country, yielding positive results in the acceptance of the program at the communal level and demonstrating the commitment of these organizations to preserve the environment. Through Communal Leaves, they mitigated the contamination of the territories and corrected their deterioration, creating healthy environments that promote good communal living ”.

Hojitas Comunales was carried out in coordination with the Regional Autonomous Corporations, Mayors, Governments, National Army, National Police, National Fire Department, Colombian Civil Defense and private companies that welcomed the call of the Ministry of the Interior to contribute to the delivery of forestry material, technical and logistical support to the nominated Communals of each Jurisdiction, thus generating a contribution to the goal of the National Government, presented at the DAVOS world economic forum, of planting 180 million trees by 2022, where the portfolio policy contributes 0.83% for the year 2020. "

We are grateful for the participation of the entities and the community leaders who applied for this program, which benefited 274 municipalities from 30 departments. 189 Community Action Organizations will be awarded ”, stated the head of the political portfolio.

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