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Ministry of Interior started dialogue with the 'Mesa Campesina of Cauca'

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David Oliveros
Popayán (Cauca)
05 Jun 2019

"The first ‘Mesa Campesina del Cauca’ has been a success, there was a very fluid dialogue that was built on the basis of trust," said Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights of the Ministry of the Interior, Juan Carlos Soler, when he took stock of the development of the Mesa.

In the course of this working day, the vice minister stressed that "the Ministry of the Interior guarantees the accompaniment of these work tables when dealing with a process of social dialogue."

For their part, the participants of the ‘Mesa Campesina’ reiterated the importance of the Ministry of the Interior as guarantor in the articulation for the fulfillment of the commitments, as well as in the concerns expressed before the other institutions of the Government.

The Vice Minister met, in Popayán, with the ‘Mesa Campesina del Cauca’, in order to resume the topics agreed on April 6 during the indigenous minga, corresponding to the National Development Plan, which contains a public policy for the peasant sector. The objective of this meeting was to define a roadmap and a timetable to work on the implementation of the agreements.

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