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Ministry of the Interior and mining associations will work on the construction of public policy on human rights

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Bogotá D.C.
09 Jul 2019

The Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, and the Energy Mining Committee signed a joint statement in which this sector committed to work, from the territories, in the implementation of this government policy.

The Minister highlighted the Government's initiative "to build a public policy for the guarantee of the exercise of social, communal, human rights and environmental leadership, that is, all the leaderships that exist in Colombia. As we are in a process of construction of public policy, we are taking into account the social contribution of all sectors: unions, businessmen, non-governmental organizations and businessmen ".

"The energy mining sector is present in the territories of the country, where there is a series of conflicts and clashes with illegal groups that want to dominate the territory to guarantee their illegal activity, in this aspect it is important the presence of the Public Force and the institutions State and this is about having security with respect for human rights, "said Minister Nancy Patricia Gutierrez, after signing this statement in which unions in the mining sector ratified that the promotion and defense of human rights is a right and a duty of citizenship and, in turn, expressed their commitment to the construction of this public policy.

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