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Minister of the Interior ratified her commitment to the indigenous peoples of Cauca

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07 Jun 2019

"We are here with the will of the Government to be able to execute the agreements that have been made," said the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, during the meeting held in Popayán with the members of the Regional Indigenous Council of the Cauca, CRIC.

In compliance with the agreements made in the indigenous minga, the Government delegation, led by the Minister of the Interior, presented to the representatives of the CRIC various actions to be carried out in 2019. "I would like to announce that, within this year, we have 530 million pesos allocated to safeguard plans. It is already within our plan of action, "said Hilduara Barliza, director of Indigenous Affairs, ROM and Minorities of the Ministry of the Interior.

The meeting was also attended by the director of the National Planning Department, Gloria Alonso; the vice minister of Justice, Juanita López; the Deputy Minister of Education, Luis Fernando Pérez; the Vice Minister of Culture, José Ignacio Argote and the delegates of the Ministries of Health, Agriculture, ICT, Environment, National Land Agency, Social Prosperity and the National Protection Unit.

In this space it was defined that, on June 25, a Mixed Commission will be carried out, whose purpose will be to address the action plans for indigenous peoples.

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