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Minister Alicia Arango Olmos announced to citizens the main actions during 2020

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Bogotá D.C.
21 Dec 2020

The Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, today presented the balance of her management at the Public Hearing of Accountability of the Interior Sector for the term 2020.

"We want citizens to know that we are working for them and for them. I thank each Colombian for their care, their resilience, their sense of solidarity and their ability to reinvent themselves."

The minister stressed that taking into account the guidelines of the National Development Plan 2018-2022 'Pact for Colombia, pact for equity, the Interior Sector fulfilled 100% of the goals proposed for the year 2020. "In total there were 14 discriminated commitments thus: 10 by the Ministry of the Interior, 2 by the National Directorate of Copyright and 2 by the National Protection Unit ".

Regarding the legislative agenda processed in the year, the head of the political portfolio highlighted that “Since 2013, more than 20 initiatives were not approved in the same legislative period, in this we achieved it, with bills and Legislative Acts focused especially on the economic reactivation, fulfilling the commitment of President Iván Duque Márquez. This legislative work is focused on what Colombians need and where the country is going ”.

"As a woman from the territory, Cartagena, it is an honor to deliver to the country with the Congress of the Republic the historic achievement of gender parity in the Electoral Code. We have had fluid and constant communication with the Legislative, we attended 117 invitations and 56 citations", indicated Arango Olmos.

"Social leaders are a priority of the National Government. We are sure that social leadership must be protected and strengthened, not only with technical and managerial capacity, but also with processes to promote democracy, participation and the effective enjoyment of rights of the social leaders ".

Arango Olmos pointed out that "We have the # LíderEsColombia strategy, focused on social leaders, recognizing and exalting their work throughout the national territory, in a fight to eradicate stigmatization. Colombia must know what a social leader does, what their work is like and learn to value that effort that is made exclusively for the benefit of the communities ".

During the Public Hearing, Minister Alicia Arango Olmos highlighted the implementation of such important programs as "the first School for Leaders, focused on academic training and soft skills through 24,687 places, 159 graduates, 442 courses and a budget of 7,521 million pesos ".

Minister Alicia Arango Olmos, highlighted the work articulated with the local authorities and the communities of San Andrés, Providencia, Santa Catalina, Bolívar and Atlántico for the formulation and implementation of the Action Plans, with the aim of mitigating damages caused by the passage of hurricane ETA and IOTA and the winter wave. "The National Government allocated a trillion pesos, for the attention and mitigation of the winter wave through 308 actions."

Together with her team, the Minister of the Interior announced "the actions deployed in the territory for the care of vulnerable populations, not only in emergency humanitarian assistance through 'Colombia is with you, a million families' with 1,404. 928 grants benefiting 4 million Colombians, but in financial support with the Bank of Projects, with a budget of $ 60,479 million pesos of which are part: Bank of Community Actions, Good Living Fund, Bank of Interreligious Initiatives - BIIR; Project Bank for the NARP communities and the Siembra Bank for human rights defenders ".

In this relationship with the communities and ethnic groups, the National Commission of Indigenous Women was created,

Regarding the spaces for social dialogue, he stated that "this year we also worked to consolidate the follow-up to more than 1,541 commitments acquired by the National Government in the framework of 15 mingas, 3 spaces for agreement and more than 5 strikes at the national level, thanks to the practical exercise of social dialogue ".

The Ministry of the Interior also trained and assisted more than 9,642 servers among councilors, councilors, deputies and territorial authorities, strengthening their management by Colombians.

Faced with the development work with local authorities during the pandemic, the Minister said that “a 24/7 personalized attention strategy was developed aimed at governors and mayors, to coordinate actions in matters of public order, responding to 26,839 requests and more than 55,000 calls”.

To this was added the viability and execution of infrastructure works through the National Fund for Safety and Coexistence, FONSECON. “$ 280,239 million pesos were invested for this term, discriminated as follows: a) Infrastructure: 66 Shake yourself to the park, 7 municipal Administrative Centers and 3 Police stations. b) Mobility: 1,194 motorcycles, 93 trucks, 15 vans, 10 buses, and 6 boats. c) Humanitarian aid and kits for the indigenous guard $ 23,297 million. In the same way, progress was made with the 162 works that are being executed by Fonsecon in 2020”.

Regarding the guarantee of human rights, Minister Arango Olmos informed the Colombians about the “launch of the Comprehensive Guarantee Program for women leaders and human rights defenders in the Montes de María and Putumayo and the presentation of the Action Plan for the Public Policy for LGBTI sectors, which contains 72 strategic actions, in charge of 21 entities of the national order.


The head of the Interior Ministry drew attention to the crime of human trafficking. "The frontal fight against the crime of trafficking in persons has been a commitment of the National Government and the Ministry of the Interior. On July 30, within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day to Combat Trafficking in Persons, we launched the #CeroComplicidadConLaTrata campaign, which aims to encourage reporting, end the culture of silence and denature this crime”.


“We signed the Pact to Fight Human Trafficking with the 32 governors and mayors of the country's capital cities, achieving that for the first time we have 32 action plans in the departmental committees to combat human trafficking, which means that today the entire national territory has an action plan to fight this scourge, ”Arango Olmos pointed out.


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