MinInterior travels the country to give guarantees to all Colombians next Sunday

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David Oliveros
San José del Guaviare
07 Mar 2018
  • Army and police are assured in Polly stations.  
  • “I take this opportunity to ask the Colombians and the inhabitants of Guaviare qualified to vote, who massively go to the polls to vote for the candidates of their preferences, and end with abstention. This is our democracy and we have to legitimize it"

Representatives of all political parties, regional leaders, army and police commanders of the departments of Arauca and Guaviare, spoke with Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera and expressed their concerns about the elections on Sunday, March 11, during the Commissions of Electoral Follow-up that were carried out in these departments.

"We are in this journey throughout the country, today in Arauca and San Jose del Guaviare, to see that everything is in order and that next Sunday there are guarantees for everyone," said Rivera Flórez.

The head of the Government's portfolio highlighted the objectives to be achieved in the 2018 elections: more participation in the vote, take on the FARC as a political party and avoid moving tables. Decrease electoral crimes and punishable behavior and reinforce the security of candidates and the entire national territory so that Colombians can exercise their democracy’s rights and duties.

Next Sunday we will live the first elections, after the signing of the peace agreement, it is a historical fact. I call on candidates to condemn acts of violence and intolerance, it's time for us to express our preferences at the polls. "

 The regional leaders and the military authorities assured that everything is ready and in order for March 11.

On the other hand, the representatives of the parties in Arauca, applauded the closing of borders that will govern from tomorrow until Sunday. "It is a wise decision, we want to choose freely and without interference."

Both in Guaviare and in Arauca the presence of the Army and Police was assured in all the polling stations

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