MinInterior is part of the pact for the eradication of trafficking in people

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Cartagena (Bolívar)
09 Apr 2018

The Ministry of the Interior through Deputy Minister Hector Olimpo Espinosa participated in the follow-up to the actions of the Colombian State in the eradication of trafficking in people and the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in the context of travel and tourism. The objective of the event was to generate concrete actions and commitments on the part of the national, departmental and district authorities, the private company, the media and civil society, against exploitation.

The Deputy Minister Hector Olimpo Espinosa emphasized the importance of attacking the problem through methodologies not only coercive as the police, but also with the work of the community. The Interior Ministry led the regional meeting with the departmental committees of Risaralda, Quindío, Caldas, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca and Tolima on March 20 where the challenges to face the crime of human trafficking were reviewed; In this sense, we intend to continue with the development of regional meetings that contribute to the fight against the crime of human trafficking by joining forces.

Concrete actions:

  • To give continuity to the actions of the inter-institutional committee for the fight against trafficking in people.
  • Advance in the consolidation of the training module for judges of the republic.
  • Continue inter-institutional coordination within the framework of the protection and assistance and investigation and judicialization subcommittees as part of the functions of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Start up the national observatory on the crime of trafficking in people.


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