MinInterior advances in guarantees of rights for indigenous peoples

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Silvia (Cauca)
23 Feb 2018

The Ministry of the Interior, through the Directorate of Indigenous Affairs, ROM and Minorities, in coordination with the Victims Unit, installed the prior consultation process for the formulation of the Safeguard Plan and the Comprehensive Reparation Plan for the Kisgó Indigenous People, in compliance with Auto 266 of 2017.

For the first time in a concerted manner, a methodology of harmonization is carried out between Decree 4633 of 2011 and the Safeguarding Plans, a process that seeks the physical and cultural survival of these, as well as the collective reparation to victims of the armed conflict.

The Kisgó People, the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca - CRIC, the Ombudsman's Office, the Municipality of Silvia, the Governing of Cauca and the Municipality of Silvia.

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