MinInerior at the meeting on political participation of indigenous communities in Latin America

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Ankasi Camilo Salazar
Bogotá D.C.
02 Mar 2018

The Ministry of the Interior through the Directorate of Indigenous Affairs, ROM and Minorities participated in the public meeting "Intercultural Democracy: diverse views with the same goal", organized by the Regional Program Participation for Indigenous Policy of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) , in partnership with Santo Tomás University and the CONNECTAS news platform, in order to identify the main problems, challenges, opportunities and challenges of indigenous peoples.

Gabriel Muyuy, indigenous of the Inga people of Colombia, philosopher, with studies in Anthropology and Masters in Government and politics, Xavier Abreu, member of the National Action Party of Mexico and head of the National Commission for the Development of Peoples, made part of this meeting. Indigenous People, Juan Pablo Coral, Anthropologist, Coordinator of Order 004 of the Directorate of Indigenous Affairs, ROM and Minorities of the Ministry of the Interior of Colombia, Ati Quigua, candidate for the Senate of the Republic of Colombia in 2018 and first indigenous woman to occupy a seat in the Council of Bogotá.

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