"On May 6 will be the atypical elections in Cartagena ": Guillermo Rivera

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Alejandra Parra
Cartagena (Bolívar)
28 Feb 2018
  • The announcement was made by the Minister of the Interior at the end of the Departmental Commission for Electoral Follow-up in Cartagena, which anticipated normalcy in the electoral process on March 11.

The Minister explained that the date of the atypical elections to elect the Mayor of Cartagena was postponed until May 6. "Initially a decree had been issued for April 15 but at the request of the Registrar the modification was made and the elections were postponed," he said.

Minister Rivera argued that what is sought is that "it is the most neutral date so that there is no crossing with other campaigns, and in the next few hours we will issue a decree stating that it will be on May 6".

In the Commission, the minister referred to the three axes of work aimed at ensuring transparent elections: "We intend to work in a transparent electoral process, to fight against the transfer of polling stations and to do everything possible to provide security."

He reiterated that this is the first electoral process after the peace agreement "that should mean greater participation of citizens without alterations, now we can concentrate on identifying irregularities," he warned.

The minister concluded that "we set out to accompany the authorities in this institutional mission so that the debate of March 11 will unfold with total normality and the citizens will be able to decide freely".

Tomorrow, March 1, the Minister of the Interior will continue his tour of the country, in Barranquilla, where he will preside over another Departmental Commission for Electoral Follow-up.

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