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The Interior Ministry delivered 11 boats to the National Navy in Bolívar, 177 police motorcycles and a Citizen Integration Center in María la Baja

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Cartagena (Bolívar)
22 Dec 2020

In a work schedule in the department of Bolívar, the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos, accompanied by the Vice Minister of Political Relations, Daniel Palacios, delivered 11 boats and 2 trucks to the National Navy, 177 motorcycles to the National Police and a Center for Citizen Integration in the municipality of María la Baja.
"We are making these deliveries through the Citizen Security and Coexistence Fund (Fonsecon). In the case of the National Navy, there are 6 shallow draft boats, 3 bay boats and 2 high-speed interdiction vessels that will allow them to develop a wide variety of missions for law enforcement, investigation and execution of operations of rescue and salvage. The investment here is close to $ 14 billion”, explained the Minister of the Interior, Alicia Arango Olmos.

The head of the interior portfolio, in the company of the Governor of Bolívar, Vicente Antonio Blel, also signed with the mayors of the municipalities of Morales, San Estanislao, Soplaviento and Cicuco, acts of commitment for the construction of 4 Sacúdetes al Parque, which they will have an estimated investment of $ 5,000 million.

"The “Sacúdete al parque” projects are the materialization of President Iván Duque's dream of having spaces for families, young people and grandparents to enjoy healthy environments for recreation, culture, sports, technology and education, all in one place", reiterated the Minister of the Interior.

During her agenda, the Minister of the Interior traveled to the municipality of María la Baja (Bolívar), where she handed over to its inhabitants a 1,200-square-meter Citizen Integration Center, which has a multifunctional space for different types of community activities, gallery , platform, dressing rooms, public bathrooms and perimeter fence. Here the investment amounted to $ 875 million.

At the end of the afternoon, in Cartagena, the Minister of the Interior also handed over 177 motorcycles to the National Police for the strengthening of security and coexistence of the inhabitants of the department of Bolívar and its capital. The motorcycles, which will patrol, had an investment of $ 5,257 million.

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