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Indigenous communities will have 2,000 places for credits in higher education

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Bogotá D.C.
07 Jul 2019

The Fund of Indigenous Communities 'Álvaro Ulcué Chocué' opened a call, whose registration period expires on August 30, for 2,000 young people from the indigenous communities of the country, who will be beneficiaries of forgivable credits, for 2.5 minimum salaries for higher education studies, face-to-face, blended or distance learning, in the second semester of this year.

"This Fund, which grants credits of a forgivable nature by academic merit to the indigenous communities of the country, seeks to improve inclusion in higher education throughout the country. Its development continues to demonstrate the role of this program as an educational pillar that benefits ethno-education", explained Lucero Varela, coordinator of Ethno-education issues in the direction of Indigenous Affairs, ROM and Minorities.

Being Colombian, belonging to an indigenous community registered in the Directorate of Indigenous Affairs, Rom and Minorities of the Ministry of the Interior, and registering on the Icetex website www.icetex.gov.co are the requirements that applicants for these credits must meet.

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