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Government signed a pact for the Guarantee of the Rights of Women Human Rights Leaders and Defenders

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Alejandra Parra
Bogotá D.C.
09 Jul 2019

At the end of the Intersectorial Commission of Guarantees for Women Leaders, the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez; the Vice President, Marta Lucía Ramírez, the director of human rights, Ricardo Arias, and 27 other entities signed the Pact for the Guarantee of the Rights of Women Human Rights Leaders and Defenders.

The Minister highlighted the signing of this Pact: "we are working with the women leaders of the country, they come with a proposal of protection and guarantees for the exercise of their leadership as women. Here are also the entities and we are in the elaboration of the public policy of guarantees for leaders that the President of the Republic has asked us for. They bring some very good initiatives that we welcome and hope they can exercise their leadership. "

The leaders Jahel Quiroga of the National Guarantees Table; Mayerlis Angarita from the organization of leading women ‘Narra Para Vivir’; Claudia Mejía of the GPaz Working Group; Diana Salcedo of the Women and Peace Summit; María Eugenia Cruz Alarcón of the National Network of Women Defenders and Nancy Sánchez Méndez of the Weavers of Life organization, signed this pact, which focuses on prevention.

"What just happened today is very important, because that is going to allow saving the lives of the defenders, of the leaders that are in the territories because it is an action plan that focuses on preventing, that the attacks do not happen, a program that sees protection in a different way beyond the guards and the car", said Mayerlis Angarita. She added that it is a protection that has the guarantees of non-repetition, that is, to dismantle the armed groups, to take actions that allow judicializing, capturing and punishing.

During her speech, the Vice President of the Republic, Marta Lucía Ramírez, said that part of the pact commitment is to recognize the exercise of the promotion and defense of human rights as a task that is essential in society. "We need leaders who are claiming respect for human rights and defending them. The role of women in this defense is fundamental", she said.

She affirmed that the current situation faced by Women Leaders and Human Rights Defenders in Colombia is of interest and concern of President Iván Duque, "where he calls us to develop actions of Promotion, Prevention that lead to improve the quality of life of the Human Rights Leaders and Defenders”.

The pact has six fundamental points as the recognition of the exercise of promotion and defense of Human Rights, essential work for the realization of the democratic principles of the Rule of Law throughout the territory. They also agreed to reject and condemn, bluntly, all types of aggression against their rights.

Lastly, they welcomed the Government's commitment to coordinate the different levels of the State, civil society and the international community, in order to respond to situations of threats, risks and violations against women human rights defenders.

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