Government of President Santos fulfilled the country and the religious sector with the policy of Religious and cults’ Freedom

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Bogotá D.C.
03 Jul 2018

On Wednesday, July 4, the Interior Minister, Guillermo Rivera Flórez and the Coordinator of Religious Affairs, Lorena Ríos Cuellar, will celebrate the National Day of Religious and Cults’ Freedom declared by Decree 1079 of 2016.

With the participation of religious leaders from different communities and confessions of faith from all over the country, it will be held at 9:30 in the morning at the La Giralda headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, a presentation of the main achievements in this area, besides a symbolic act.

At 10 o'clock in the morning the second version of the "Abrazatón" will be fulfilled, an activity that summons all Colombians so that, with a hug, they can join in the reconciliation of the country.

In Colombia there are about 7,000 religious entities in the state public registry and more than 90% of people profess a religious belief. Both in the Constitution and in the Law, religious and cults’ freedom is a fundamental right. However, although in the country it was a legal fact, not all confessions, religions and creeds feel equally recognized before the State, both in their religious work, and in their contribution to the common good.

This is the reason why, after 25 years, the Ministry of the Interior assumed a historical debt with the religious sector, adopting the First National Public Policy of Religious Freedom and Worship through Decree 437 of 2018.

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