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Government meets the community of Fonseca in La Guajira

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David Oliveros
Fonseca (La Guajira)
10 Jul 2019

Maintain the lifting of the toll of the San Juan sector for light vehicles, rehabilitation of the Valledupar-Cuestecitas road corridor and increase of 1 million 700 thousand gallons of fuel to 3 million the quota of the department, are some of the conclusions of the High Level Dialogue Board between the Government and the community of Fonseca in La Guajira.

Through technical panels, with the leaders of the municipality addressed issues of transport and infrastructure, health, mining and energy, agriculture, education, among others.

"This day demonstrated the closeness and commitment of this Government with the regions, we have the ‘T-shirt put on’ by the Guajira. We are here fulfilling a commitment that had been made on June 28 by the Interior Minister, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez", said the Vice Minister of the Interior for Political Relations, Francisco José Chaux.

He added that "this is not a government that makes roadside agreements to later breach them, we are a serious government, President Duque wants to commit and fulfill the regions"

The Minister of Mines and Energy, María Fernanda Suárez, reiterated the Government's willingness to work with the dialogue and the regions. Likewise, she highlighted the dynamics developed in the technical roundtables with the leaders of the community.

"We are all working for the same goal: national government, departmental and civic leaders, adding all will be easier to advance in the development of the Guajira", Minister of Health, Juan Pablo Uribe.

Among the most important conclusions are:


• Rehabilitation of the Valledupar-Cuestecitas corridor, emphasizing maintenance, signage and road safety.

• Maintain the lifting of the toll for light load vehicles (category 1) on the Riohacha-Valledupar road (San Juan toll sector). This represents 80% of the vehicles that pass through this national corridor, until a commission meets in October.

Mines and energy

• Increase in the fuel quota for the Guajira from 1 million 700 thousand gallons to 3 million in the coming months.

• Working table with the Superintendence of Public Services to address concerns about Electricaribe.

• Program for the reconversion of work with the ‘pimpineros’ of the region, a priority issue on the agenda of President Iván Duque.


• End-point agreement for the payment of Caprecom.

• Application of 16 billion pesos to support the attention of migrants in the public hospital network.

• Prioritization of infrastructure and equipment renovation projects.


• Ethnoeducation

• Training for Afro communities

• Management for the safety of mayors, social leaders and the Guajira community.

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