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Government and Federation of Departments will implement public policy for human rights defenders

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Bogotá D.C.
19 Jun 2019

After analyzing the situation of human rights defenders and social leaders, the director of the National Federation of Departments, Carlos Camargo and the Government, through the Director of Human Rights of the Ministry of the Interior, Ricardo Arias, committed to work, from the territories, in the elaboration and implementation of the public policy of guarantees for the promotion and defense of Human Rights.

Arias highlighted the importance of the exercise of promotion and defense of human rights, as an essential task for the realization of the democratic principles of the Social State of Law. Therefore, he indicated that efforts will be redoubled to guarantee the protection of life.

"We are committed to make the necessary efforts to provide an environment conducive to the exercise of the work of promoting and defending human rights," he said.

In this meeting, the Director of Human Rights and the Federation of Departments rejected, in a forceful way, the aggressions against the fundamental rights of individuals, groups, organizations or communities, as well as acts of violence against those who carry out promotion or defense work from the human rights.


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