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Government and CRIC approve Plan of Action 2019 – 2020

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David Oliveros
Popayán (Cauca)
05 Jul 2019

"The Mixed Commission has been a total success because we managed to reach some very important agreements, expressed in two action plans, one in 2019 and another in 2020, in which all sectors of the Government committed ourselves, in a concrete manner, with specific actions and with allocated budget, to comply with the agreements of the Government with the indigenous minga", said Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights, Juan Carlos Soler, at the end of the Mixed Commission with the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca, CRIC, which took held at the Autonomous Indigenous and Intercultural University, UAIIN of Popayán, attended by a government commission, composed of 73 people.

From the beginning of the day, Vice Minister Soler reiterated "all the personal, political and Government will for this sixth meeting of the Joint Commission with the Regional Council Indigenous Cauca, CRIC, will to be a success."

On the other hand, Amparo García Montaña, general deputy director of the National Planning Department, DNP, highlighted the results of this work day: "the most important thing in this whole exercise has been dialogue and consultation. We will be able to meet many of the needs that the communities of Cauca require: productive projects in housing, health and infrastructure. We are going to improve the living conditions in these communities. "

The Vice Minister of the Interior, Juan Carlos Soler, along with delegates from various government entities, led the session of the Mixed Commission with the CRIC, to define the 2019 and 2020 action plans and move forward in complying with the Minga agreements.

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