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To fourth debate, the project about that the sexual crimes against minors will only be investigated by ordinary justice

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David Oliveros
Bogotá D.C.
10 Jun 2019

In the First Commission of the House of Representatives, in the third debate of the first round, the constitutional reform that indicates that sexual crimes against children and adolescents are competence only of ordinary justice was approved with 30 votes for the ‘yes’ and 2 votes for the ‘no’.

At the end of this debate, the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, reiterated that the objective of this governmental initiative is that "under no circumstances should sexual crimes committed against minors be in the hands of the special jurisdiction, but be part of the ordinary justice to maintain the high penalties in these particular cases.”

The Minister added that, if this initiative is approved, "in the future, in any case, it cannot happen again that there are benefits for those who commit these crimes as serious as it is against the dignity and innocence of a minor. It is reprehensible, by society, the fact that sexual crimes against children are involved in a special justice when we have an obligation to ensure the future of the children.”

This legislative act modifies article 44 of the Constitution, which refers to the fundamental rights of children and to the family, society and the State must assist and protect the child to ensure their development and the full exercise of their rights. Therefore, it states that "sexual crimes committed against children and adolescents will be subject only to the sanctions established in the ordinary criminal system and will be investigated and judged according to the norms defined in the Code of Criminal Procedure."

The authors of this project, which passes to the fourth debate, in the plenary session of the House, are the Interior Minister, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez; the Ministry of Justice, representatives Adriana Magali Matiz and Juan Manuel Daza, as well as senators Álvaro Uribe, Maritza Martínez, Ruby Chagüi, Paloma Valencia, Miguel Ángel Pinto, Esperanza Andrade and Carlos Guevara.

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