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CRIDEC and the Government advance in the fulfillment of the National Development Plan

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Manizales (Caldas)
28 May 2019

To inform, through a social dialogue, the route and investment to implement the special chapter of ethnic communities in the National Development Plan, was the objective of the meeting of the Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights, Juan Carlos Soler, the director of Indigenous Communities, Rom and Minorities, Hilduara Barliza, and delegates of the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Planning Department with the Regional Council of Indigenous People of Caldas (CRIDEC).

To this end, the meeting held the Concertation Tables, which will be held on July 9 and 10 in Riosucio, Caldas. The Government wants to advance in the fulfillment of this Pact for Colombia and proposed that the governmental entities work with the communities to achieve progress in land issues, health, education and human rights, among others.

In addition, the commitments and lines of the Plan were studied, where the specific commitments of CRIDEC were analyzed in order to work articulately on its fulfillment and for the community to present its projects framed within the parameters of the National Development Plan.

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