Colombia will have the first Directorate of Religious Affairs

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Bogotá D.C.
04 Jul 2018
  • this unit will be part of the structure of the Ministry of the Interior, an entity that has led the formulation and implementation of the Comprehensive Public Policy of Religious Freedom and Religious Affairs in the country.

President Juan Manuel Santos and Interior Minister Guillermo Rivera Flórez signed the decree that creates the first Directorate of Religious Affairs in the country, within the framework of the National Day of Religious Freedom and Worship

This unit will have within its functions the formulation, adoption, direction, coordination, execution and monitoring of public policies, plans, programs and projects in matters of freedom and religious equality, of cults and conscience and the contribution to the common good of the entities and organizations of the religious sector.

In addition, it will coordinate with the different instances competent in the matter, the actions tending to generate the interreligious, political dialogue between the national and international religious sectors and the different state dependencies.

The head of the political portfolio affirmed that work has been done so that the religious sector and Religious Freedom have a place in the institutionally.

"You are one of the best examples of democracy, they bring together the diversity of beliefs and trust in different beliefs and it has attracted my attention and has led me to work for it, becoming a vocation for life", said the Minister Rivera Flórez.

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