The Catatumbo gave example of Peace and Participation in the first presidential round

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Bogotá D.C.
31 May 2018

As an achievement of peace, Vice Minister Eduardo Garzón Torres called the significant increase of almost 14 percent in the electoral participation reported in this historic area affected by violence.

When the results of the Presidential Elections of May 27 were known in the eleven municipalities of the Catatumbo region, an increase of 13.9 percent in participation was reported, from 26.6 to 40.5 percent, in comparison with the 2014 elections.

After the humanitarian crisis last April, the National Government installed a unified command post in Ocaña, which for a month met 32 ​​times before the Election Day, regaining the confidence of citizens and providing guarantees for the free exercise of democracy.

This joint work between the government and the citizens allowed the inhabitants of the Catatumbo region and of the entire country to live the calmest elections in the history of Colombia, said Vice Minister Eduardo Garzón Torres.

"This is a great achievement of peace, the effort of the National Government, under the leadership of President Juan Manuel Santos, Vice President Naranjo, Minister Guillermo Rivera, territorial entities, relief agencies and the Armed Forces, among others institutions; it allows us to present to the country these valuable results that strengthen democracy”, said the deputy minister.

In Convention, the electoral participation went from 20.73 to 30.09 percent; in El Carmen it increased from 30.86 to 39.78 percent; in El Tarra, from 24.02 to 36.72 percent; in Hacarí, from 20.51 to 36.51 percent; The Beach reported an increase from 23.68 to 37.08 percent; in Ocaña it went from 33.08 to 55.23 percent; in San Calixto, from 24.19 to 40.21 percent; in Sardinata the increase was from 32.83 to 43.04 percent; in Teorama the increase was from 24.09 to 33.92 percent; in Tibú from 22.85 to 41.25 percent; and in Ábrego, from 31.10 to 57.20 percent.

The Unified Command Post (PMU) will continue working with the respective institutions to overcome the crisis.

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