Bolívar and Casanare, first departments trained on the first Integral Public Policy on Religious Freedom

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23 Mar 2018

The pedagogy on the first Integral Public Policy on Religious Freedom came to the departments of Bolívar and Casanare, where more than 350 interreligious leaders were part of the workshop and technical assistance provided by the Coordinator of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior, Lorena Ríos.v

In this space, which is part of the actions of implementation of public policy, the details of Decree 437 of 2018, as well as the axes that comprise it, were explained: Religious and religious freedom and its areas; Religious entities and their organizations, as peace, forgiveness and reconciliation and international and interreligious cooperation for development managers, open the doors to define their own individual or collective identity according to their religious convictions without prejudice to the intervention of public entities, as well as promoting access to equal treatment before the State within the framework of the guarantees offered by the law and the constitution.

This space reiterates the commitment to the work articulated Nation - Territory in the strengthening of Religious Affairs.

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