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The Ministry of the Interior reiterated its commitment to protect social leaders in Nariño

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18 May 2019

The Vice Minister of Political Relations of the Ministry of the Interior, Francisco José Chaux, announced that this week, a Commission of the Ministry will travel to Nariño to assess the situation of the leaders and define the necessary measures for their protection.

On the other hand, the Vice-Minister Chaux said that with the governor of Nariño, Camilo Romero, an articulated work has been carried out to implement the Public Policy of Religious Freedom and Worship.

He also anticipated the delivery of two Citizen Integration Centers, CICs, in Pasto, spaces for recreational and cultural programs for the proper use of free time for children, youth and adults.

"We are working so that the National Protection Unit, UNP, is in contact with the social leaders, we do not want one more of them killed, we are following your instructions, President, of zero tolerance for illegality," the vice minister concluded in the version 31 of the 'Construyendo Paìs' workshop, which took place in Pasto.

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