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The Ministry of the Interior participated in a regional meeting to optimize the protection of social leaders and human rights defenders

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Pereira (Risaralda)
16 May 2019

The director of the Subdirection of security and Citizen Coexistence of the Ministry of the Interior, Fabio Parra, participated in Risaralda in the "Regional Meeting of Authorities", which sought to strengthen and optimize the protection of social leaders and human rights defenders.

In this space, the Ministry of the Interior committed that the information gathered will serve as input for the construction of a public policy that will aim to preserve the lives of social and community leaders, human rights defenders and journalists.

The director highlighted the actions taken by the immediate reaction network of Commando Tres of the National Police of the Coffee Region: "it is an example for the country because they have managed to get the police authority, Army, General Command of the Armed Forces, The Ombudsman's Office, the Attorney General's Office and international organizations interact jointly to safeguard the life and integrity of social and community leaders."

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