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Mininterior, Interior and Police will join efforts for the construction of the Police Station in El Salado

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El Salado (Bolívar)
25 Jan 2019
  • The Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, said that, in 2019, there is a lot to do in El Salado. "The main task will be to review the issue of the Police Station."

"We are very committed to review the issue of the Police Station, has asked the Mayor to solve the possibility of land. The Governor of Bolívar, the National Police and the Ministry of the Interior would be joining together to make the project, "said Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, at the end of the working day to implement the Plan of Action, with the community of El Salvador. Salado, social leaders and territorial authorities.

 In order to clarify the threats to the social leaders of El Salado, the Minister explained: "We took the message to the Office of the Prosecutor and the Superior Council of the Judiciary to seek a union and accelerate the process of investigating threats to social leaders". In addition to this measure, "the Public Force is advancing the presence in the field."

This visit to El Salado served to design a road map in which the Government and the Ombudsman's Office will return to this village in order to work on the land issue and the Victims Unit will be present with the collective reparation agreements, among others.

The Minister insisted that, in 2019, there will be many tasks to be done to promote development in the area. "The presence of the State is guaranteed permanently, accompanying the community and saying: 'they are not alone, we do not want one more death, neither in El Salado, nor in the south of Bolívar,'" he concluded.

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