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Bogotá D.C.
14 May 2019

The safety of ex-combatants committed to their reincorporation process is a priority for all State entities.
The National Government condemns any attack against those who are committed to peace.
The National Government will work together with the Special Unit of the Prosecutor's Office to find those responsible for the crime against Wilson Saavedra.
The mechanisms to guarantee the safety of ex-combatants will continue to be strengthened, within the framework of compliance with the commitments derived from the implementation of the agreements.

Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez
Minister of the Interior
Miguel Ceballos
High Commissioner for Peace
Emilio Archila
Presidential Counselor for Stabilization and Consolidation
Representatives of the National Government in the Commission of Follow-up, Impulse and Verification of the Final Agreement- CSIVI-

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