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San Andrés y Providencia, 10 Feb 2014

Between Sunday and Monday the Deputy Minister of the Interior for participation and equal rights, Natalia Gutierrez Jaramillo had a good dialogue with the raizal’s spokesmen of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.

Huila, 06 Feb 2014

Under the premise that safety must be in the hands of social investment, the Minister of Interior, Aurelio Iragorri said that the installation of the Fort of Customs Officers in San Agustín is only one of the steps that this Government intends to take to improve it.

Cúcuta, 05 Feb 2014

Senior officials of the National Government, the governor of Norte de Santander and members of the Farmers Association of  Catatumbo (Ascamcat), reactivated the dialogues that seek to make of the Catatumbo  region of peace and development, these dialogues were  at the city of Cucuta.

Bogotá D.C., 03 Feb 2014

The Minister of Interior Aurelio Iragorri Valencia condemned the threats against leaders and candidates of the Patriotic Union, the Patriotic March and the People’s Agricultural Bureau of Dialogue and Agreements (MIA),. He asserted that the Government will not allow the stigmatization to arise against these leaders and members of political parties.


The head of the policy portfolio said that through the National Protection Unit (NPU) and the National Police, the Army guarantees the rights and freedoms of these communities, and protects their lives and integrity, a promise that characterizes the government of President Juan Manuel Santos.

Duitama (Boyacá), 31 Jan 2014

The Minister of Interior, Aurelio Iragorri Valencia, had a meeting on Thursday in Duitama with the Collegiate Organization of Farmers of Cundinamarca and Boyacá in order to seek arrangements that will reactivate the negotiating table between the Government and the farmers.

Duitama (Boyacá), 30 Jan 2014

During his visit to the town of Duitama, Minister of the Interior Aurelio Iragorri affirmed that the Government of President Juan Manuel Santos has programmed to invest in Boyacá about 6.2 more times than it has invested in the last 8 years.

Bogotá D.C., 29 Jan 2014

Sixty-five thousand community mothers all over the country will have an employment contract to guarantee them economic stability.  The Minister of Interior, Aurelio Irragorri Valencia, in compliance with the undertaking given by the President of the Republic, said:

Ipiales (Nariño), 23 Jan 2014

Through his Twitter account and within the framework of his visit to Ipiales, Nariño, the Minister of Interior, Aurelio Iragorri Valencia, affirmed the National Government’s commitment to different political beliefss during the looming elections.

Bogotá D.C., 21 Jan 2014

At the end of the second meeting of the National Commission for Electoral Monitoring, the Minister of Interior with delegating functions, Aurelio Iragorri Valencia, noted the guarantees and conditions of transparency that the national government has provided for the 2014 election process, and wich have been recognized by the mission of electoral

Viceministra del Interior
Bogotá D.C., 17 Jan 2014

The Deputy Minister of the Interior for Participation and Equal Rights, Natalia Gutiérrez, said that any complains or allegations by citizens against non-Catholic churches in the country do not exist to the Ministry of Interior, whose number amounts to 5.071.