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With Mininterior leadership, advances in Congress proposed to make public income statement of civil servants and contractors of the State

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Bogotá D.C.
03 Dec 2018
  • This proposal is part of a battery of tools filed before the Legislature to ensure greater transparency in public administration.
  • The Legislative Act Project that raises the reservation of the income statement goes to fourth debate in the Plenary of the Senate.

The First Commission of the Senate of the Republic approved in a third debate, with 13 votes in favor, the project of Legislative Act that allows to lift the reservation of the income statement of public servants, when the competent fiscal and disciplinary authorities request it.

The approved text establishes that both the public servant and the individual who exercises public functions or who administers State assets, must present their income tax return and update it each year, while they exercise their position.

The Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, indicated that the National Government prefers that the income statement be of public knowledge and that evidence of this is the presidential directive that orders all the cabinet members to make public this declaration.

Currently, the income statement can only be used by the DIAN for tax issues or as evidence in criminal proceedings.

Like this one, last September 18, the National Government established a battery of anti-corruption tools that includes, among its initiatives, the conflict of interests, income statement, type of specifications, hardening of sanctions, among other measures. The foregoing, as a result of the Anticorruption Technical Board.

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