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"What is happening with the seriousness of the JEP": Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez

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Bogotá D.C.
28 Nov 2018
  • The First Commission of the Senate approved, in the third debate, the draft Legislative Act that establishes that kidnapping and drug trafficking will not be connected with political crimes.

“We must close the way to drug trafficking and the kidnapping that has done so much damage to the country. To end the connection with these crimes has to be part of the Great Pact for Colombia”, said Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, in the discussion of this project.

The initiative establishes that “in no case shall the crime of kidnapping, or the crimes related to the manufacture, trafficking or carrying of narcotics, be considered as political crimes or as related to them, nor as directed to promote, facilitate, support , finance, or hide any crime that violates the constitutional and legal regimen”. This means that there will be no pardon or amnesty for these crimes.

The text clarifies that its content does not affect or modify the provisions of the peace agreements concluded prior to the entry into force of this initiative.

The project Legislative Act lacks a debate in the Plenary of the Senate to be approved in the first round. In the next legislative period, which begins on March 16, the remaining four debates will be processed.

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