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Through the Colombia Pact, the presence of the State will be consolidated throughout the country: MinInterior

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Bogotá D.C.
29 Nov 2018
  • Before the Constitutional Court, Minister Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, explained that through the main point of Legality, Entrepreneurship and Equity, the Government of President Ivan Duque, seeks to respond to the needs of displaced communities and ensure human rights.

Our commitment to Colombia is to defend legality, promote entrepreneurship and achieve equity, and thus begin to build a path that once and for all to ensure the improvement of the State of Unconstitutional Things, said Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutierrez at the Public Hearing to follow the sentence T025 of 2004.

“The pact for legality is based on the consolidation of the Social State of Law, to guarantee coexistence and ensure access to effective and efficient justice that empowers the peaceful processing of conflicts, within the framework of the institutions and the Law”.

According to the risk map presented in her intervention, the municipalities of Tumaco, Buenaventura, Riosucio (Chocó), Medellín, Cali, Hacarí Alto Baudó, El Litoral del San Juan, Santa Bárbara (Nariño) and El Charco, concentrated 31% of the total cases of forced displacement, 11% of threats and 9% of homicides in the year 2017.

The Unified Victim Registry shows a decrease in forced displacement. Comparing the displacements: 2017 had a decrease of 63.95%, with 110,159 expulsions and 2018 (with cut to October) of 76.91%, with 70,562 expulsions.

The minister said that to overcome this situation, the stabilization of the territories, which involves the implementation of comprehensive and effective actions by the State in terms of security and social development, as well as the implementation of strategies for Coordinated intervention with the territorial authorities and with the participation of the communities.

Therefore, she said that the Government will launch the actions of the Timely Action Plan for the protection of social leaders, human rights defenders, community members and journalists on December 1, through an interinstitutional articulation, shortening the times in the responses to early warnings

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