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Approved Political Reform with validity for 2019

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Bogotá D.C.
29 Nov 2018
  • The First Commission of the House of Representatives approved, in the third debate, the Political Reform, which eliminates the preferential vote, and passes to its fourth and last debate of the first round in the plenary of this corporation.

“Transforming the preferred vote will bring the fundamental change in democracy, as well as the unity of the political parties”, said Interior Minister Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, referring to the central main point of the Political Reform.

With a large majority, closed, single and blocked lists were approved, parity and interspersed between men and women. Within the parties there will be mechanisms of internal democracy, on the same date, set by the Registrar and the electoral organization will keep a record of membership or affiliation.

The reform prohibits double militancy, there will be state funding and legal status will be granted to parties and significant groups of citizens, who obtain three percent of the national votes. The Congressional Initiative Investment is created, requested by the Congress, on the initiative of its members and prior approval of the plenaries in specific projects that have passed through the National Planning Department, DNP, or prioritized in departmental, municipal and district development plans. 

No one may be elected to more than one corporation or public office or to a corporation and office if their periods coincide. Neither may be elected for more than three periods in Senate, House, Assembly, Council or JAL. In the Senate there will be one hundred members elected in the national constituency. Each department will be guaranteed the election of a senator and there will be an additional number of two elected in a special national circumscription by indigenous communities.

The Political Reform is another of the initiatives of the Technical Committee to fight corruption and it is a debate to be approved in the first round.

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