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“What is happening with the seriousness of the JEP” (special justice for peace):Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez

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Bogotá D.C.
21 Nov 2018

In the debate on political control, in the plenary of the House of Representatives, on the implementation of the peace agreement, the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, also said that “the implementation of the agreement is made in good faith, this Government is of good faith and wants to unite the country”.

“What is happening with the seriousness of the Special Justice for Peace JEP (acronym in Spanish)what is happening with those who do not appear, who signed an agreement, which is supposed to be very serious”, the Minister of the Interior asked, in her intervention in this debate of political control.

“They rely on the lifting of arrest warrants, many of them involved in crimes against humanity. That is what President Ivan Duque has been asking for, that, beyond the agreement, the principles of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition must be respected”, she added.

Minister Gutiérrez maintained that, according to the Comptroller's Office, the peace agreement “is sub-financed” and with an uncoordinated institutional framework. “They do not know the territorial institutionality that is the democratic basis of the State”, she added.

She highlighted, among others, the progress in the processing of Law 418 on Public Order, the issuance of the decree of the opportune action Plan PAO (acronym in Spanish) for the prevention and protection of human rights defenders, social leaders, community leaders and journalists, as well as like the work in the Commission of Follow-up to the Implementation and Verification of the agreements CSIVI (acronym in Spanish) and the relation with the Farc party, “fulfilling with a fundamental point of the Government: the main point of legality”,  she expressed.

The Minister reiterated that the National Government respects Colombian regulations and called on the Legislature: “Congress must think about giving guarantees to the entire population, respecting what has been done” and highlighted the Government's institutions for this purpose, as well as like the call to a Cabinet of Peace conformed by the ministries of Human Rights, Peace and Security, with the Ministries of Finance, Defense, Justice and Interior. “The implementation of the agreement is done in good faith, this government is in good faith and wants to unite the country,” she concluded.

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