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Bogotá D.C., 01 Sep 2013

 During the months of July and August of the current year, the Ministry of interior signed agreements with several Indigenous Councils, organizations and associations in order to fulfill the objectives settled by the 2004‘s T-025 Sentence, which established the immediate execution of measures to protect the population victim of displacement, as well as those ones which are in risk of being at it, because of the armed conflict.

Medellín, 31 Aug 2013

 During the final act of the first Colombian Deputies National Congress “Decentralization, peace and prosperity engines”, the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, reaffirmed the National Government´s commitment to manage the new Departmental Regime bill in the Congress of the Republic.

Bogotá D.C., 29 Aug 2013

The Interior vice Minister for Participation and Equal rights, Anibal Fernandez de Soto and the Ministry of Interior´s Human Rights Director, Maria Paulina Riveros, met with the U.S congressmen James McGovern and George Miller, to discuss about the current situation regarding human and labor rights and possible perspectives for a peaceful solution to the Colombian conflict.

Bogotá D.C., 23 Aug 2013

In an act without precedents, it took place the settling of the First National Autonomous Congress for the African Colombian, Raizales and Palenqueros People in the city of Quibdó.

Bogotá D.C., 22 Aug 2013

The Minister of Interior, Fernando Carrillo Flórez, the President of the Congress of the Republic, Senator Juan Fernando Cristo, and the spokespersons from the political parties comprising the National Unity, settled before the Senate’s Secretariat General a draft which seeks to endorse the final peace agreement through a referendum.

Bogotá D.C., 20 Aug 2013

The Minister of Interior, Fernado Carrillo Flórez, reported that during the manifestations which took place today along the country, there was no record of violent acts, a fact which constitutes for the National Government a strong message of rejection to those with intentions to spoil the social protest.

Bogotá D.C., 19 Aug 2013

The Minister of Interior, Fernando Carrillo Flórez, conveyed that after the first day of agricultural strike, the country is under control. After taking a look to the public order situation along with the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos, the Minister assured that the National Governments deeply regrets the incidents which happened in the departments of Nariño, Putumayo, Boyacá and Arauca.

Medellín, 15 Aug 2013

The Minister of interior, Fernando Carrillo Flórez, during the Governors Summit “Let’s get ready for Peace” which took place in the city of Medellin, invited to the leaders to have a close and direct dialogue with city mayors in order for the whole country to really understand the magnitude of the post conflict.

San Andrés y Providencia, 14 Aug 2013

During a meeting between the Minister of Interior, Fernando Carrillo Flórez and raizales delegates from San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina islands was arranged to work in the creation of a methodology for the construction of the Raizal Statute.

Bogotá D.C., 26 Aug 2013

UNITED WORLD/ worldfolio

Following six months of negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC, an agreement on agrarian reform was made as part of an ongoing peace process.