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Internal Control Office

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Internal Control Office

The purpose of the Internal Control Office is to support the administration in the achievement of objectives by providing information through analysis, assessments and recommendations regarding its management.

This Bureau enforces control at the Ministry and Coordinates with external entities the fulfillment of legal requirements, in particular, with the General Comptroller’s office to carry out integral and special audits, both to the Ministry and to the Fund for Participation and the Democracy Strengthening.

The Internal Disciplinary Control Bureau was created through Law 734 of 2002, which enacted the Unique Disciplinary Code. This Act strongly improved the Entity coordination, as it grants clear and defined powers to investigate, decide and temporarily suspend public servants who may somehow infringe disciplinary norms. The legislator considered that the enforcement of the disciplinary function is more efficient and effective if directly enforced internally, by the Entity. Thus, this Bureau must be duly acquainted with the duties, rights and specific prohibitions of public servants and the mechanisms in place for performance control.

The Internal Control Bureau or whoever acts as such has the following responsabilities, apart from those set forth in the current regulations on the matter:

  1. To advise and support the Minister in the design, implementation and assessment of the Internal Control System, as well as to verify its operability.
  2. To develop instruments and carry out strategies aimed at promoting a self-control culture to contribute to the continuous improvement in the provision of services by the Ministry.
  3. To apply management control and interpret its results in order to issue recommendations to the Minister, emphasizing on the management indicators designed and periodically reported by the Planning Advisory Office.
  4. To verify compliance with the policies, standards, procedures, plans, programs, projects and goals of the Ministry, as well as to recommend the pertinent adjustments and to monitor their implementation.
  5. To advise dependencies on the identification and integration of risks which may affect the achievement of their goals.
  6. To advise, support and monitor the Ministry’s servants on the development and enhancing of the Internal Control System and to keep the Minister informed about the System’s operation.
  7. To present the activity reports to the Ministry and to the Internal Control System Coordination Committee.
  8. To prepare and consolidate the Fiscal Accountability Report to be submitted each year to the General Comptroller’s office at the beginning of each term.
  9. To coordinate and consolidate responses to the requirements issued by control agencies regarding the Ministry’s management.
  10. To support the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Institutional Integrated Management System, supervise its effectiveness and compliance of its recommendations.

All others assigned and which may pertain to the dependency’s nature.

Head of the Internal Control Office:

Gloria Inés Muñoz Parada 

Extension: 3301