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Interior’s Public information Bureau

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Through decree 2893 of 2011, the functions of the Interior’s Public information Bureau were established, as agency that regulates the IT and Communication-related matters within the Ministry.

The following are the duties of this Bureau:

  1. To guarantee the sectorial application of the standards, best practices and principles for State information.
  2. To prepare the institutional plan and to guide the elaboration of the sector strategic plan in terms of information.
  3. To prepare the sectorial information map, which will allow an updated and complete overview of the information production processes within the sector and its entity.
  4. To develop the generation and promotion of strategies for the efficient flow of sectorial, inter-sectorial and citizen service information while disclosing the information and the Sector promotion to citizens and organizations for accountability.
  5. To ensure that technological processes of the Sector consider the standards and guidelines set out by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, so as to allow the application of information policies issued by the National Planning Department and the National Statistics Administrative Department –DANE.
  6. To identify difficulties on the implementation of standards and best practices, and on the fulfillment of the principles for state information.
  7. To achieve agreements among Sector entities to share information and to improve the efficiency in data production, collection and use, based on the strategic guidelines issued by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, the National Planning Department and the National Statistics Administrative Department.
  8. To identify sectorial information needs to establish priorities within the strategic information plan.
  9. To arrange internal processes of the sector regarding information production to fulfill sectorial policies, plans, programs and projects considering the guidelines provided for state information.
  10. To support to the National Planning Department on the issuance of policies, guidelines, programs, plans and projects to obtain high efficiency levels in the production of public information in the sector.
  11. To support the National Statistics Administrative Department on the definition of policies, principles, guidelines, and to implement the standards and best practices that govern statistical information to achieve high efficiency levels in the production of statistical information in the sector.
  12. To jointly work with those responsible for producing state information in the Sector entities.
  13. To support the development and maintenance of the Institutional Management Integrated System and the compliance of its recommendations within the scope of its competence.
  14. To take care of requests and enquiries related to its matters of competence.

Any others assigned that may pertain to the nature of the dependency.

Head of the Public Information Office:

Edgar Mauricio Gracia Díaz

Extension:  3320