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                JUAN MANUEL DAZA                                             JUAN CARLOS SOLER PEÑUELA


Vice-Minister of Political Affairs

Lawyer of the Universidad del Rosario with studies in Constitutional Law, specialist in Public Management and Master in Public Law from the University of Los Andes.

He was born in the city of Valledupar, during his undergraduate studies he was elected Colegial de Número, the highest distinction granted by the university to their students, reserved for those 15 with the highest academic and moral qualities.

He worked as a practitioner in the legal secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic during 2012, later and for 5 years he served as the main adviser to the Ex President and Senator Álvaro Uribe. From that position he was in charge of the law projects and debates that were delivered in the Senate, which has allowed him to learn about the country's problems and study the solutions. In addition, he led the coordination of the different "NO" actors in the plebiscite in the renegotiation with the national government after the victory of the NO.

In 2008 he received the Road To Davos distinction from the British Council's Young Leadership Program.


Vice-Minister for Participation and Equal Rights

The Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights, Juan Carlos Soler, is a lawyer from the Universidad del Rosario, with more than 25 years of experience in social and educational matters, community management and participation, exercise of rights, administrative management and technical management. social and attention to the vulnerable population.

Deputy Minister Soler has a specialization in Financial Legislation, International Cooperation Studies and Social Project Management, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

In the act of possession of Vice Minister Juan Carlos Soler, President Ivan Duque highlighted "his years of service with the communities of the country. It is a person who has had the opportunity to know their needs and that will allow us to deepen the social dialogue. If the country builds social dialogue, there will be no social protest and you will have that task with Dr. Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez. "

Among the challenges that the Vice Minister will have to face are the formulation, adoption and follow-up of public policies related to political affairs, fundamental rights and freedoms, citizen participation, ethnic issues and the LGBQ population. It must also evaluate and follow up on international commitments regarding Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.