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Financial and Accounting Management Group

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Financial and Administrative Sub-Directorate

The Financial and Accounting Management Group implements mechanisms which favor its interaction with the different dependencies of the Ministry, acting as a guide in the execution and control of resources; consequently, it seeks to ensure that all operations carried out at the Entity are articulated with the guidelines that govern public finance from the financial and accounting standpoint.

The sub-directorate keeps permanent communication with the entities ascribed to the Ministry, as well as with the General Comptroller’s office - entity to which the Ministry of the Interior and the Fund for Participation and Democracy Strengthening submit their financial statements every quarter, considering that the financial and accounting information is a control instrument that ensures correct application in public resource execution. This sub-directorate is also responsible for the requirements issued by the Ministry’s dependencies, the control organisms and the concerns submitted by the community in general.

In addition to the above, the Administrative management contributes to the achievement of the general mission of the Ministry, supporting and assisting all dependencies which comprise it, administrating goods, services and the adequate document management to comply with their corresponding functions, in terms of efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness, under the principles and fundamental values set forth in the Ministry’s institutional policy and the Political Constitution.

To develop its activities, the Administrative Management Group is comprised of: Procurement Plan, Goods and Inventory Storage, Real and Personal Property, Maintenance, Archive and the Correspondence and Documents Center.

The duties of the Administrative and Financial Sub-Direction are the following:

  1. To participate in the elaboration of the budget draft plan.
  2. To consolidate the yearly cash program, by month of the Ministry, and its funds, pursuant to the schedule submitted by the dependencies.
  3. To prepare the procurement plan and to carry out the actions aimed at its compliance.
  4. To plan, program, control and supervise the storage, assurance, supply, custody, distribution and use procedures of the necessary goods for the normal operation of the Ministry and its funds.
  5. To coordinate, supervise and control the documentary management system of the entity
  6. To coordinate and supervise the operation and maintenance of the real and personal property at the Ministry’s custody or its funds, at any title.
  7. To coordinate, plan and control the activities pertaining the financial issues of the entity.
  8. To manage, apply and control the financial resources assigned to the Ministry, to the National Security Fund and Citizen Coexistence (Fonsecon), the Fund for the Protection of Justice and the National Fund for the fight against People Trafficking.
  9. To ensure the correct execution, accounting and rendering of fiscal, budget, accounting and treasury reports, and the Ministry’s equity reports and its funds.
  10. To prepare the balance of the Ministry and its funds and to submit them in accordance to the valid regulations to the General Comptroller’s Office and the National Planning Department.
  11. To carry out the payment of the entity's obligations pursuant to the valid legal standards
  12. To guarantee the sustainability of the accounting system in the Ministry’s financial statements and its funds, in furtherance of the regulations issued by the General Comptroller’s Office.
  13. To track and control the execution of the Ministry’s resources and the resources of the Fund for the Participation and Democracy Strengthening and any other pertinent funds, and the execution of the resources furnished under third party management.
  14. To perform the financial assessments to the proposals presented in the hiring process of the Ministry and the Fund for Participation and Democracy Strengthening.
  15. To apply and carry out operations using information systems established at the closing of each term
  16. To support the development and sustainability of the Institutional Management Integrated System following the compliance of its recommendations pertaining its matters of competence.
  17. To attend the requests and inquiries regarding its matters of competence

Any other functions assigned which may pertain to the nature of the dependency.

Administrative and Financial Subdirector:

José Guillermo Rodríguez Quinche


Extension: 2880