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Procedures and Services

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Citizen Services

What is a Procedure?

It is the set or series of steps or actions regulated by the State, which must be carried out by the users to acquire a right or comply with an obligation set forth and authorized by the Law. The filing starts when the individual activates the public mechanism whereby a request is expressed and ends (as a procedure) when the Public Administration issues a concept on such matter, accepting or denying the request.

What is a Service?

It is a set of actions or activities of a mission nature, which are designed to increase user satisfaction and add value to the entity's functions. For all purposes hereof and the publication in the Unique System of Procedures Information (SUIT), services shall be considered administrative procedures which must be published in the PEC referred to in Law 962 of 2005.

What is the Colombian State Portal, PEC  www.gobiernoenlinea.gov.co?

It is a web tool which allows the user to upload and update any information and content regarding procedures and services offered by the Colombian State at the national and territorial level, which purpose is to be the only point of access to this information, which will be organized in topics and subtopics relevant for the citizen. When entering the portal, the search may be made by type of user profile, whether citizen, entrepreneur or public servant; and in the corresponding link the user will find all the procedures and services for each of the entities, as well as all the topics of public interest. This technological tool has a fast browser by city, process name and entity name nationwide.