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Cali (Valle del Cauca)
13 Oct 2020

At the end of the second day of dialogue with the Minga Indígena del Suroccidente, the National Government is allowed to inform the public that:

1. Respect peaceful protest. It does not accept vandalism.

2. Remain open to dialogue and make a presence in the Indigenous Minga.

3. It is clear to the National Government that this Minga is not a protest, but rather a political Minga, as the members of this Minga have expressed, and that is how it will handle the conversations that take place.

4. It will insist on establishing work routes to address the political concerns of the Minga, find an effective way to move forward and resolve all the proposals and requests that the Minga has expressed in the letter addressed to President Iván Duque Márquez. The above, to divide the issues by areas of the public sector or the State, according to the competition.

5. Reiterate concern about the pandemic, a reality that can affect everyone. Crowds are prohibited.

6. It is necessary to maintain biosecurity and self-care standards. COVID-19 is a true and clear threat.

7. The National Government defends and protects the interests of all Colombians, for which we make a call not to harm the economic reactivation of microentrepreneurs, with blockades and de facto avenues.

Cali, October 13, 2020.

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